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16-32mm Extra White Gravel/Chippings

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£ 21.99 tax incl.

PROVENIENCE: Greece, Thassos Island


Colour: Extra white
Size: 16-32 mm across

Perfect for all decorations...

home decorations
landscaping gardens
fish tanks
plant topper

Create a wonderful rockery with our Landscaping Stones!

Ever wondered where to buy rockery stones? Seek no longer. GT Prospect offers a wide variety of decorative stones, rocks, and glass pebbles in various colours, shapes and sizes.

Choose your favourite and create a beautiful rockery garden.

We have plenty of thoroughly selected quality rockery stones and tiles for sale on our store.

We expand the offer every week to satisfy sophisticated clients’ demand for decorative pebbles and chipping for their gardens, driveways, backyard ponds or any landscaping ideas that come to your mind.

Why to buy from us?

Because we don’t sell stones like the ones you can find in a river or at a seashore.

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