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Driveway Parking Grass Grids 50x50cm Green-Black

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High Quality Trans-Pal Grass Grids

For each Square Meter you will need 4 grids.

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  • Black
  • Green
  • Black

The lawn grid (parking grass grid) will let you strengthen and extend green areas, construct permeable parking lots, access roads, driveways, green paths and assure stabilisation of the ground. The modern design of the grid makes it extremely light and at the same time resistant to heavy loads.

Our grass paving grid has positive effect on the lawn and facilitates its maintenance. It protects the grass surface from damages cause by vehicles and pedestrians.

In addition to enhanced durability, the innovative honeycomb structure creates reservoirs for rainwater, which improves irrigation of the ground and protects the grass from rapid drying. The Trans-Pal lawn paving grid has passed quality tests and is approved to use in the EU by European regulators.


- high permeability - rainwater is quickly discharged
- pressure resistance - up to 150 t/m2
- excellent stabilisation of the lawn - thanks to special pegging and fixing solution
- great strengthening of slopes or embankments - the roots can pass through the chambers
- light weight
- quick installation
- resistance to sunlight and heat

Practical application:
- parking lots
- entry to the garages, driveways
- paths in parks
- space for car trailers
- biologically active sites
- protection of the vicinity of trees located next to the pavements
- strengthening the banks of drainage ditches
- avoiding slope erosion
- creation of green areas, etc.



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